We strongly encourage submission of any project pictures our customers have. To submit your picture and collect your 10-15% OFF coupon, please use your preferred email program to send a message to email at bamboofabricstore dot com and include the following:

  • The picture. .jpg is preferred, but we'll work with what you have. Don't forget to attach the file :)
  • Which fabrics you used in your project
  • Any link to your own website you'd like to include, and requested text. This service is free, you bloggers please take advantage of it!
  • A link to the pattern you used, if any, is much appreciated. We'll bump your coupon to 15% if you include this information.
  • Whether you prefer your 10% (or 15%) coupon to bamboofabricstore.com.

We reserve the right to not use any picture you submit. You'll get a coupon for each picture we do use. We'll check your links for accuracy and appropriateness and contact you if there's any problem. We will only use your pictures on bamboofabricstore.com, unless we subsequently agree otherwise.

Please use the form below to contact us with questions or suggestions about the project gallery.